Garlic Mosquito Repellent;

the Natural Deterrent!

Did you know that the benefit of using garlic mosquito repellent outweighs that of the typical one sold in stores? Not only can it be home made and quite cost efficient; but it doesn't include some of the harmful additives found in the typical mosquito spray. Not to mention the benefits that garlic as an herb holds to the body.

Why not fight off the attack of mosquitoes while enhancing the quality of your skin? It's a winning situation for everyone except those annoying insects.

The reality is that there isn't a known reason as to why garlic is such a great repellent. Some researchers believe that the allicin found in garlic is the main deterrent for these pesky insects while others strongly relate to the protruding and strong smell that garlic possesses.

Regardless of the reason; it is a well known fact that garlic mosquito spray is quite effective in preventing awful bites. The belief of consuming a large amount of garlic as a repellent alone doesn't prove to be as successful as a preventative spray. Even though garlic does seep from the pores; it may help to reduce the amount of bites, but not diminish them completely.

Luckily; there are many companies that are using the benefit of garlic and adding them to their existing sprays. However, it's important to keep in mind that the harmful additives are still likely to be apparent; so make sure to read the ingredients before purchasing.

But, for those that want to insure a natural elixir for their skin; you can actually make your very own garlic mosquito repellent!

A simple way of creating this is by boiling a couple of garlic cloves and using a small portion of the leftover water. For an added touch, you can even throw in some Vitamin E oil to help enhance the benefit to your skin. Even with a basic concoction as this; it's never a guarantee.

So, to help in the fight against mosquitoes; there are other garlic mosquito repellents that can be made to spray around your garden and surroundings. You can boil the garlic cloves as before and use a portion of the leftover water. For an added touch; puree the garlic cloves and combine them to the repellent along with hot pepper and lemon juice. This can be sprayed around the yard to keep the mosquitoes at bay; and also help to provide a carefree environment without unwelcome visitors.

The fact is that garlic mosquito repellent is a great and healthier way to prevent mosquito bites. Because it can be made at home; this cuts the costs and provides a larger amount that can be used for the entire family. Best of all; garlic has great effects to the skin, so applying it directly can actually result in a healthier and younger look. Just a few extra benefits of using garlic!

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