Natural cure for impotence

Garlic is better than Viagra

Garlic, has been used for centuries to prevent plaque, heart issues, and as natural cure for impotence.

Sexual impotence is a very common problem among couples. Most believe it is purely psychological, but research has proven that to be untrue. In fact, one of the main reasons of erectile dysfunction is simply due to diet. There are products available such as Viagra that will help cure the issue for a couple of hours. However, it does not hold to be an antidote for this socially embarrassing experience. Garlic, on the other hand, has been used as cure for impotence.

First off, garlic contains allicin, which improves blood flow. Erectile dysfunction hardens the arties, but the garlic expands them to allow the blood to rush through creating an erection. Although most scientists believe that this is the active ingredient, there has not been experiment to prove so. Companies would have already concocted an extract of the one ingredient that stood as a cure. Garlic contains many minerals and nutrients, so many believe it's a combination. Another theory is that garlic stimulates the production of an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase, which is also needed to create an erection.

Natural cure for sexual impotence

There are many ways to ingest and use garlic as natural cure for impotence. It is recommended to eat four cloves of raw garlic every day for a couple of months to fully see the effect. And since garlic is also known as an aphrodisiac, it can really help in the bedroom. Being that another cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological, garlic can still be utilized. Psychologically induced impotence is usually caused by depression, alcohol abuse, or diabetes among other instances. Considering garlic is used to initiate some fun in the bedroom, many are known to rub raw garlic over their genital area to create an arousal. The act of doing this takes care of any temporary psychological issues, but again, does not become a cure. The only way to solve sexual impotence caused psychologically is to get some professional assistance as pill forms or a change in diet will not help.

Before you start ingesting pounds of garlic, there are signs that show if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. This refers to being unable to perform in the bedroom, but it also involves premature ejaculation. There are three forms of sexual impotence; unable to have an erection, unable to maintain an erection, and the third form is associated with old age. Being that this issue affects a large amount of people, using home remedies have always been the initial way to solve this problem. Garlic is considered an herbal remedy, so it comes in pill forms and aroma material; even though the most effective way is to consume it raw.

Just like any other medication, garlic is known to have side effects. By ingesting raw garlic, you can develop heart burn, upset stomach, bloating, and a stinging sensation on the skin. If fresh garlic is not handled carefully, it can even develop skin lesions and dermatitis. Also, it has been known to carry ingredients that can thin the blood; so please refrain from using if a surgery is in the near future.

Having an erectile dysfunction can really damage a person's ego, confidence, and ability to perform. Since this is such a common concern, there are many drugs available that can be prescribed by your doctor to help. But, if you'd rather find some other ways to solve the issue without using medication, then garlic would be your best bet as natural cure for impotence. As long as you use with caution, it can really liven up the bedroom again.

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