Benefits of Garlic
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Say about the benefits of garlic, it means not to say anything more than five thousand years of its use as a panacea for many diseases, as well as an excellent preventative and rejuvenating agent

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Hello, and Welcome to, the website where you can learn all about garlic, from growing and storing to medical uses and recipes.

Are you a Garlic Lover? Good! The "Stinking Rose" does more than add flavor to the food. Garlic been known as an excellent "wonder herb" for creating and maintaining overall health.

Garlic has been used in folk medicine for everything from constipation to leprosy.This wonderfull product must be included in your daily diet.How much is enough you would ask? Clove a day will keep the doctors away.

I am hoping that you will find this site informative and fun. You will find a lot of information on history of garlic, types of garlic, how to plant, grow and store it. Also you will learn about medical uses of garlic and benefits to your health. And of course you will find a lot of cooking recipes that include garlic. I would like you to share your favorite garlic recipes with me and our users community, as well as garlic cures that really worked for you.

I invite you to check out all of the benefits of garlic on this site and maybe you will become a garlic lover just as I am

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cooking with garlic

Types of Garlic
Nowadays there are myriad types of garlic. Today known from 400- 600 cultivated garlic varieties throughout the world, and this number keeps changing
Garlic Facts
Here are some interesting garlic facts. Explore them and you will get more knowledge about garlic and it's wonderful properties.
Garlic health benefits
Garlic health benefits at one time were thought to encompass many diseases and sicknesses. While garlic is no longer thought of as the miracle drug it once was, garlic is known to cure and aid several sicknesses or illnesses.
Black Garlic - Is it a new trend?
Black garlic ? Yes, you read that correctly. It turns out there is one. Imagine garlic without all the annoying things. Virtually odorless, the pulp, which melts in your mouth.
Garlic supplement
There are several garlic supplement that can help you take advantage of the herb's many healing properties. Many of the benefits of those supplements take little to no time create and are fairly inexpensive to buy.
Garlic Allergy
While a garlic allergy may be uncommon, any type of allergy can make eating out or even a preparing a simple dinner meal difficult.
Cancer fighting foods
Cancer fighting foods play a crucial role in cancer prevention.
Garlic home remedies
These amazing garlic home remedies can be wonderful for home cures of health ailments and you will be amazed at how versatile these are.
The Best Of Cold Remedies is Garlic
The Best Of Cold Remedies is Garlic.And We've Known for Years!
Delray Beach Garlic Festival
The Delray Beach Garlic Festival is a commemoration and competition held in Delray Beach, Florida for over 10 years.
Easy weight loss with garlic
Easy weight loss with garlic is just some of the many advantages of adding garlic to your diet. Studies have shown that people who have higher levels of garlic intake will have fewer fat deposits in their body and burn through fat quicker
Natural cure for impotence
Garlic, has been used for centuries to prevent plaque, heart issues, and as natural cure for impotence.
Garlic Crab Legs
This Garlic Crab Legs recipe can be used for any types of crab you are using for your dinner.
Natural Cures
The medical researches for the past years have been filled with natural cures - healing foods.

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